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Three years and three days back, though it was not the warmest evening I could hope from Bandung city’s humid atmosphere, I was thanking god.

Thanking him for not letting me alone that day. For allowing me to have the warmest night.

Let alone the misfortune He had decided on me. I had them that night. We talked as if nothing had happened. We laughed. We went to cafe and had the nicest conversation. We listened to songs. We sped up the hill with joy, as if tomorrow would become a new beginning.

I don’t know how I would feel that day, if I didn’t have you. I wish you were here again tonight. Mom.

from your tiger
PS: the warmest regards for dad too..


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Antarkanlah aku hingga pintu tertutup
Tinggalkan siluet dirimu dibalik jejaring kuarsa

Antarkanlah gejolak jiwa ini
Antarkan sebelum hati ini terbelah

Antarkanlah pada dirinya
Pada jiwa senada yang berbeda tala

=) hihihihi, hayoo bermain tebak2an lagi =D


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Israel guard killed a macbook

Struck by a picture of macbook with 3 holes on it, I clicked a link on Engadget post and ended up with the actual story of the picture, see the post here.

Moments later a man came outside and introduced himself as the manager on duty. And then, “I’m sorry but we had to blow up your laptop. “

Geez, what is wrong with those people, paranoia on the arabs? or what?


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TISA Poster

Today I attended an event called ことづくりフォーラム. This event is held every year in Tokodai to let people know about the activities inside Tokyo Tech that has anything to do with students support and leadership.

I was there to represent TISA (Tokyo Tech International Student Association) with some other members. The event was pretty formal since the audiences were mostly teachers and staffs of Tokyo Tech and some people from neighborhood’s elementary school.  Even the headmaster, Kennichi Iga-sensei did come to this event.

This was the 3rd forum held since 2007. Last year, TISA was also invited to this forum and was given a chance to present in front of the audiences using the power point. At that time, the former leader, William Hong, took charge. However, this year we didn’t have to present TISA from the beginning.  The presentation was only for new activities. We just had to bring a poster that represent our activities throughout this year and explain if they ask us questions.  The poster was pretty cool. I love it.

Tisa Poster


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Post-exam syndrome & winter syndrome

Phew, exam’s over.
And what would that mean? It means I don’t need to do all-nighter anymore! I don’t need to stay at campus until night anymore! I don’t need to bring all my husky books all the way to campus anymore! I don’t need to study anymore!!!.

But what reality tells? I still do the all-nighter with facebook and twitter!!, since the nights when the exams weren’t over had “accidentally” changed my sleeping time. I still stay in campus till night, because of other things, not a bad thing tho, but since I eat dinner out at shokudo, I can’t save anymore.

Moreover, since it is almost winter, I can’t stay late too much. Why? of course, I will oversleep!! ugh.

Duh. Merepotkan.


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Jika tak jua datang
Hangatnya tawa darimu
Tak pula hilang bayang
Fatamorgana akan jiwa yang kurindu

Jikalah memang
Tak pantas ku tuk terima
Tabuh genderang bahagia
Di dada ini

Maka sungkurkanlah hasrat ini
Wahai Tuhan
Demi para kekasih-Mu
Yang tak jua diriku ini

Maka hapuslah lukisan indah
tentang tawa dan canda
Atau tutupi dengan kain putih
sehingga ku siap

Atau mungkin ini terbaik
yang bisa kudapat.

Maka Tuhan,
temui aku dengan duplikat diriku.

@puisi dari seorang sempai
maaf gw gak sekuat lw.. =)


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